Two V’s Entrance-Way, 2016

For the past 50 years, Dan Graham (born 1942, USA) has traced the symbiosis between architectural environments and their inhabitants. With a practice that encompasses curating, writing, performance, installation, video, photography and architecture, Graham’s critical engagement manifests most alluringly in his steel and two-way mirrored glass pavilions, which have been realised in sites all over the world.

Through the presence of people within these geometric forms, his pavilions investigate notions of inclusion and exclusion. Two V’s Entrance-Way – one of Graham’s largest and most ambitious pavilions to date – engages not only with the Brutalist surroundings and the glass atrium but also with visitors to the exhibition, drawing attention to the way in which buildings can act as instruments of expression, psychological strongholds, markers of social change as well as prisms through which we view ourselves and others.