Wall work across three floors:

Texts by Lawrence Weiner (born 1942, USA) have appeared in all sorts of locations over the last five decades: as vinyl or paint on walls and windows of galleries and public spaces, spoken as audio, video or performance, printed in books and on posters, cast or carved as letters and even turned into tattoos, graffiti, lyrics and so on, ad infinitum.

He defines his medium simply as ‘language + the material referred to’, signifying that text is as much a means of construction as any sculptural matter. While his works exist only as words in these multiple formats,
he is closely involved in their physical manifestations, detailing type sizes, surface texture and placement, often inventing new fonts. For EVERYTHING AT ONCE, Weiner has chosen to repeat his phrase like an instruction or mantra across all three stairwells, suggesting a constancy and layering that ties each level together, even if also threatening that it might all burst at the seams.

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