The Black Pot, 2013

Mixing animation, sculpture and sound, Nathalie Djurberg & Hans Berg (both born 1978, Sweden) create psychologically charged scenarios dealing with human and animalistic desires. Known for their work using clay animation, atmospheric sound effects and hypnotic music, this immersive installation takes a radical shift towards abstrac­tion. Embodying the trance-like qualities of Berg’s music, Djurberg’s moving fields of colour and energy explore the creation of something out of nothing, perhaps following the primordial beginnings of life and consciousness through the universal cycle to death and regeneration – essentially presenting an origin story in exhibition form.

The floating world of The Black Pot, first shown in the round at the Garage Museum in Moscow and now reimagined and reconfigured as a room of interlocking screens, can be experienced from outside, as a looping stream of Rorschach inkblots, or from within, as a fluid, psychedelic environment, approximating a cocooned cosmos.