Floor works:
Imagine you are driving (Sculpture 4), 1993
i., 1988
t., 1988

Wall works:
s., 1988
Night motorway. 1., 2017
Tunnel. 1., 2016

The distinctive visual language of Julian Opie (born 1958, UK) reflects his artistic preoccupation with the technological mediation through which we experience the world around us. A combination of early and recent works feature in EVERYTHING AT ONCE, from empty cabinets that evoke the urban or working environments, to a scaled-down model of a racetrack, constructed from concrete, and two driving films that reflect the urban cityscape beyond.

Opie’s slick finishes and geometric shapes mirror the ruins of this former corporate interior – the office architecture long emptied of any human interaction. Opie’s racetrack and first-person driving videos represent
a different kind of rat-race: the endless circuits around which we are all
inexorably travelling, proffering hypnotic visions of mass transit and mass consumption. From our homes and workplaces to our roads and highways, Opie plays with this vocabulary of everyday life; his reductive style evoking systems of control hiding in plain sight.